SupportThe open source version is made available for free usage under the AGPL licence without any claims to availability, functionality, bug fixes, updates, etc.

By purchasing a subscription, you can benefit from comprehensive training, the transfer of know-how on examples of best practices and remote support. A subscription for the open source version can also be acquired just for temporary support. The minimum contract period is 12 months (with a 3-month therm of notice).

Subscription prices

Prices are as follows (excl. shipping, VAT, etc.):

1st and 2nd user:
EUR 100,- per month and user (minimum subscription is for 2 user)
3rd to 10th user:
EUR 80,- per month and user
11th to 20th user:
EUR 60,- per month and user
21st to 30th user:
EUR 40,- per month and user
31st to unlimited number of users:
EUR 30,- per month and user
Additional organisation:
EUR 40,- per month

A valid subscription is a prerequisite for receiving support for the HELIUM V installation.


Further information

can be found at our companywebsite (German only)!