Key FactsHELIUM V is platform-neutral and is structured as a scalable three-layer architecture.

Helium V

has been completely redeveloped. The software ist platform-neutral and is structured as a scalable three-layer architecture. It features a standalone Java client for Linux, MAC OS and Windows. An API for integrating devices is also available for many other applications.

Additionally, HELIUM V incorporates a powerful application server containing the actual business logic. The entire software is based on one central SQL database (Postgres). Our ERP software enables the realisation of automatic quality assurance processes and is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

HELIUM V is programmed exclusively in Java. Not to be confused with JavaScript, by definition Java is a type-safe language. This means that all data types are checked for accuracy at the time of compilation. Apparently there are other systems on the market that are programmed in interpreter languages such as Python. On account of their interpreting characteristic, this inevitably means that errors which arise during the processing of the program code only become evident when they actually happen, i.e. in the middle of the work that is being done. In our opinion, such computer languages are not suitable for systems that want to be taken seriously due to their excessively high propensity to errors.

An important aspect of deploying open source systems is that the development environment has to be made available as open source as well. Time and time again we find constellations on the market which force expensive and / or obsolete development systems onto users, reducing the open source principle ad absurdum.

HELIUM V is written using the platform-neutral Java computer language in conjunction with state-of-the-art programming techniques. HELIUM V has Unicode capability, which means that the characters of any languages other than those which use our European Latin characters can be displayed, such as Cyrillic or Simplified Chinese, etc. All the forms and screen masks can be modified. The necessary information is administered in multiple languages in the presentation and data contents.

The system parameters can be configured to as great an extent as possible in the user masks by the user himself, whereby the support team or advisor are available to provide assistance as required.

HELIUM V is supplied with a tried and tested configurable workflow. This ensures short implementation times in conjunction with the corresponding flexibility.

All users are administered using the concurrent user model according to the activated user licences. Web clients are additionally provided for time tracking purposes which do not require user licences. Reasonably priced and powerful terminals are available that cover diverse time tracking and operating data logging (ODL) requirements at different configuration levels in addition to mobile offline recording. The software can be extended with additional “hardware products” to give you an ideal solution for your workflows. Here we can draw on our extensive experience gained from previous developments.