Open Source

By providing our software as an open source solution, we give our users the security that all the calculations and procedures are made transparent. This doesn’t mean that your data can be seen by other users, however. The visibility of data is safeguarded by encryption methods integrated in HELIUM V or on the database servers.

In our open source version you can read how the data is encrypted. You can’t do that in so-called closed source systems, and so you have to rely on the claims made by the respective manufacturer.

ERP System

Opensource_loesungHELIUM V is a universal ERP solution for managing all corporate organisational processes.

Key facts

Opensource_datenAn important aspect of deploying an open source system is that the development enviroment has to be made available as open source as well.


Opensource_portalHere you will find a catalogue of questions and answers from the community on using HELIUM V.

Why choose open source?

Open source doesn’t mean that the system itself or operating it is free. Particularly in the case of extensive and powerful systems, the key success factor isn’t how many licences are purchased, but the operation, support, provision of add-ons, etc.

In open systems, lots of people and institutions (e.g. universities) can participate on the project and thus contribute to creating innovative solutions. At the same time, the manufacturer supporting this open source community guarantees that the primary product is continually developed in the required quality. Last but not least, this completely eliminates all demands for disclosure of the source code, ESCrow requirements and so on. This is a decisive factor, especially for smaller software providers.

Another important reason for making products open source is to gain the trust of customers in the software manufacturer. In many sectors of the software industry it is common practice to attempt to gag customers by binding them with lifelong contracts. Our conception of a customer-manufacturer relationship is one of equal partners. And that’s why we have been making HELIUM V, our comprehensive ERP system, available under the AGPL open source licence since September 2010.